An agreement is a formal decision about future action negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding or arrangement between two or more legally competent parties, where it is normally constituted by one party making an offer and the other indicating its acceptance. The promises made by the parties define the rights and obligations of the parties.

The Billion Coin is the most valuable non government driven decentralized digital currency in the world.

Kringles are the smallest unit of TBC just as there are Kobo To Naira, Pesewas to Ghana, Cent to Dollar and Satoshi to Bitcoin E.t.c.

In addition Kringles​ represent the smallest unit of our national currencies.

Here is the AGREEMENT:  All members of The Billion Coin community agree that this private currency will never go down in value; it can only go up in price.

TBC and Kringles​ are not in any way a security instrument. They do not secure any interest in any intrinsic value, commodity, asset or account. They are a privately issued medium of exchange available only to members of a private Mission Society and Private Contract Association, pursuant to and according to its private rules of membership and participation. The inherent value that they represent is only the Life Force and Spiritual Value of our private society members.

We are a Global Sharing and Eleemosynary Society. The “Sharing” is derived by the
private contract agreement to share our value and life force with each other, for
mutual support and benefit.

Eleemosynary means charitable and we define our society as such because we believe in the true charity of kindness, giving, sharing and supporting lives of integrity and respect. As we all work together to build this global community, we are providing true giving and sharing for all who participate.

A lot of people fail to understand why cryptocurrency such as the billion coin was created. The mission is to serve one another with love and respect and use the billion coin to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty, and misery. Possibly to equalize the poor and the rich, automatically put an end to artificial scarcity and simply change the world for good when the community grows to a billion verified members.

The billion coin was not created to be exchanged for any other form of money before usage, but rather it was created to be use as a direct medium of exchange for goods and services. Just like bartering peer to peer without the need of a central authority or intermediary.


We are formidable group of people that come together in agreement to accept cryptocurrency “Kringle Cash” as a direct means of exchange for goods and services globally. 

That means every single member of Wow De ARK agreed to accept kringle cash for their goods/services.

Therefore world of wealth the ARK is a community where people uses cryptocurrency called The Billion Coin or Kringles to trade. In other word, world of wealth the ARK is a combination of different trades people from different part of the world, we decided to trade in exchange for Kringle Cash.

Interested TBCian must be a skilled or trades person to become part of us and he/she must come in agreement to accept kringle cash for his/her goods/services. So that everyone can be useful in the community, simply by exchanging trades with fellow members for Kringle Cash instead… staying broke with no “paper money” to live sufficient daily life regularly.

As a trade person you can be hired or employed by another trade person in the community and pays you Kringle cash for your service rendered. It’s vice versa..! You can also hire or employ another trade person and pay them Kringle cash for their services rendered to you.

TBC gives us the​ power to distribute wealth all over the world and change lives in the blink of an eye.

The Billion Coin is the first abundance based currency that can transform you into a millionaire/billionaire in 5 minute with just a one time purchase of $100 dollar (36,000) Naira worth of Kringle Cash.

If you buy $100 dollar (36,000) Naira worth of Kringle Cash… TBC Admin will give you bonus worth millions of Naira/Dollar. As a trade person you can spend them to hire/employ trades people to work for you and same time you can purchase all kinds of material and non material goods such as: Cars, shoes, cloth, machines, buildings, etc., are all material goods.

Services of all types are non-material goods such as those of doctors, engineers, actors, lawyers, teachers, etc.

If you are being given millions of dollars fiat currency “paper money” promissory bank note you would also spent them on material and non material goods but believe it no one can give you such amount of money anywhere except you joined TBC community. So be grateful that you are part of TBC community and a member of world of wealth the ARK where you have more than enough to live regular sufficient life.

We accept Kringles as the medium of exchange for goods/services, because it’s a godly way poor people can live like the rich.

Immediately trades people…. especially the poor people in mass deliberately, designedly, intentionally, knowingly and purposely choose to believe in abundance and prosperity for all and agreed to accept Kringle Cash for goods/services then we can live extraordinary wealthy life.

I hope this is beginning to open up your eyes to see the possibility. 

Within the path that the Current Price of TBC will take, it has many opportunities to create wealth, even vast wealth, for those that agree to use it.  If people don’t want to take advantage of those opportunities, they are free to not be a part of this.  No one is being forced to use this crypto-currency!

Abundance and prosperity are very natural things within the universe, and powerful people have been leading the people in mass to believe in the deception called scarcity. People from all over the world are sick and tired of artificial scarcity ruining their lives. 

Abundance and prosperity should be available to everyone, regardless of where they were born, or anything else for that matter.

World Of Wealth (WOW) De ARK VENTURES membership agreement makes us unique, strong and fit to defeat artificial scarcity by accepting Kringles as a direct means of exchange for goods and services. We have every right to be part of TBC Community and also contribute to TBC Mission! 

Embrace the idea that wealth can be spread through this special AGREEMENT!

Note !!
Before you join us please read over this agreement page over and over again to your very best understanding.