We are glad to have you here today, the person that invited you to this great opportunity truly loves you.

Without asking why you are here we know, and is either you want to purchase goods/services with %100 kringles. But before we attend to you kindly carefully read all of this important information down below then think about it and get back to us if you are interested to be part of us.

Are you a non tbcian that want to become a billionaire in 5 minute through The Billion Coin or you are existing tbcian (already a billionaire) that want to spend his/her TBCoins for goods/services?

If you are a non tbcian you need to join TBC Community here, click the link www.kringle.cash/?link=wowdearkventures after you filled the form submit it then activate your Kringle Cash Account but if you cannot activate your account by yourself visit Wow De Ark Ventures nearest office close to you for activation and proper guideline. Once you have activated your Kringle Cash Account buy a $100 Dollar (36,000 Naira) worth of kringles directly from Wow De Ark Ventures and you can sell it back to Wow De Ark Ventures Anytime you wish. Charges of $0.56 Dollar (N200 Naira) applies, because bank charges for transaction.

Note..! When you buy a $100 Dollar (N36,000 Naira) worth of Kringles TBC Admin will give you additional bonus worth millions of Naira as a reward. You can spend them to buy goods/services here only if you partner with Wow De Ark Ventures in agreement to accept kringles for your goods/services.

Wow De Ark Ventures, is undisputed direct terminal for cryptocurrency users and institutions that accept kringles for goods/services only. So interested person must be skilled so that he/she can be useful by exchanging trades with other tradespeople for %100 kringles.

Interested but unskilled person will have to undergo skill acquisition and when he/she becomes independent Wow De Ark Ventures will provide office and equipments %100 kringles for him/her to start their business smoothly. We are duplicating tradespeople by empowering unskilled people to have their own businesses and also accept kringles for goods/services.

Whether you are a Contractor, Builder, Architect, Carpenter Electrician, Welder, Roofer, Painter, Mason, Brick layer, Plumber, Mechanic, Automotive, Web designer, Graphic designer, Farmer, Teacher, Receptionist, Marketer, Accountant/Accountancy, Aluminum fabrication, Lawyer, Doctor/Nurse, Landlord/Landlady, Hair stylist, Caterers, Cosmetologist, Driver, Hotel, Decorator, Event planner, Musician, Actor/Actress, Dancer, Comedian, House keeper, Nanny e.t.c.

Massive Worldwide Cryptocurrency “THE BILLION COIN” Adoption is about to take place and don’t be left behind.

Become the boss today, own a business… start to accept Kringles, employ apprentices and teach them your skill so that we can duplicate our tradespeople faster as team work together everyone achieves more.

You are existing TBCian and you own a business or skill in other words provide services to people but you don’t accept Kringles, you are useless to the TBC Community. You can only go about looking for scam Exchanger to waste your hard earned money trying to convert your TBCoins to other form of money knowing too well that TBC was not created to be converted to other form of money before usage. Such TBCians that goes​ after different plathform trying to convert their TBCoins to other form of money are lazy people who don’t have foresight to see the future TBC Economy.

Wow De Ark Ventures is not going to create/generate useless millionaires and billionaires through this conceptualization, every single member of the ARK must be useful to one another by exchanging trades together for %100 Kringles.

Join Wow De Ark Ventures in agreement to trade with other trades people in exchange for %100 Kringle Cash.

A tradesman, tradeswoman, tradesperson, skilled tradesman, skilled tradeswoman or skilled tradesperson refers to a worker who specializes in a particular occupation that requires work experience and on the job training.

Wow De Ark Ventures is basically built for everyone to sell and buy Kringles, at the same time exchange trades with fellow tradespeople for %100 Kringles provided you are a trade person.

It encourages new TBCians to buy Kringles from Wow De Ark Ventures and sell back to Wow De Ark Ventures anytime they wishes. Whether it gains value in price or not, transaction rate depends​ on the current price of Kringle @tbc009.net.

Old TBCians can also take advantage of it because TBC do not secure interest in any intrinsic value. You can buy and hold, when it increases in price then you sell back or you can kindly use this section to send money to your love one’s around the globe it’s free because TBC does not charge for transaction.

Wow De Ark Ventures partners are eligible to sell Kringles worth over $1million dollars​ to Wow De Ark Ventures but based on %50/50 percent. Whatever amount of Kringles sold out by Wow De Ark Ventures monthly %50 of the money will be use to pay partners for their Kringles deposited into Wow De Ark Ventures TBC Wallet. While the other %50 percent goes to Wow De Ark Ventures reservation for future projects such as building of Estate, Market, School, Hospital and more other projects like offering skill acquisition to unskilled people, sponsoring of artistes, and general empowerment for the poor people.

We are not after money to enable us provide you goods/services for %100 Kringles. We are working towards building a safe and strong TBC Economy together for all. You need to proof to us in agreement by commitment that you can accept Kringles in exchange for your services/goods as we also accept kringles from you in exchange for our goods/services before you can be part of WOW De Ark Ventures.

It requires​ an interested person to purchase one time $100 dollar worth of Kringles from Wow De Ark Ventures to become a partner. Interested person must be skilled or a trade person, if he/she is unskilled such person have to undergo skill acquisition so everyone can be useful by exchanging trades together within the ark for %100 Kringles.

It’s an ARK where TBC users accept Kringles in exchange for goods/services.

We TBC lovers prefer to start living the future TBC Economy right now than wasting time living in the Government Economy that ruins our lives daily.

I guessed all TBC stakeholders knows the value of TBC and this should be an opportunity to help the poor people raise above artificial scarcity.

We have over 20millions of unemployed people in Nigeria. So, let’s use this opportunity to create jobs opportunity for them by providing skills acquisition​ and empowerment.

We only accept partnership from serious people who are willing to put efforts together with us to build a safe and strong TBC economy.

You are blessed to become part of Wow De Ark Ventures. World of wealth where you live regular sufficient live. Goods/services includding land, car, house and many more other things are being exchange for %100 Kringles.


Emmanuel Orha

This is really WOW!
I love this development, if its really true. I would honestly like to join this platform as a TBcian.
Then, I would need further information on how to go about this.

I am an English teacher….
I also take kids private tutorials at home.
I am equally engaged in house or office painting, of different designs.

I sell books, too, on phonetics, for primary-basuc schools, secondary schools, and tertiary learning learning institutes.


Hilson Ona

Thank you very much for your awesome plans for TBCians worldwide.



Great platform for ending global poverty. All the best Wowdeark.



    Thank you for the pleasant compliment.


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