TBC Mobile Phone Money Give Away

TBCians Buying Goods/Services with The Billion Coin

Over Ten Million “$10,000,000” Dollars Mobile Phone Money Give Away For Smart Phone Users To Start A Brand New Digital Economy.

The Formal Global Economy As We Know It Has Gone Into Recession Due To Covid-19 Pandemic.

Just Hurry To The Nearest Kringle Cash Center Now To Register Your Phone With $28 Dollars

Your Mobile Wallet Will Be Credited Immediately With Over Ten Million $10,000,000 Dollars Worth Of TBC Mobile Phone Money To Buy Goods/Services. It’s Spendable Worldwide!  #BillionaireLifestyle

Wallet View: USD Meanings United States Dollars

Don’t even think of missing this opportunity because you will regret it after the give away is over.

The Billion Coin (TBC) is a decentralized digital mobile phone money millions of people love to use “now” around the world instead of paper money.

TBC is safe, secure, easier and faster in transaction than paper money. It does not require any central authority or Bank before transaction can be done. It gives you the privacy to transact businesses with one another without middle man and no EFCC can come in between you and your money unlike Bank that does not gives you privacy.

Whenever you want to pay anybody either for goods or services you can transfer the amount of money negotiated to the person’s mobile wallet or account instead to give the person paper money cash at hand.

Bank advices everyone to start using digital channels to facilitate transactions instead of going to the banking hall just because you want to withdraw or deposit paper money, except you have paperwork or technical issues to be done. This is to avoid crowd in the Bank and to keep social distancing to limit the spread of corona virus.

People don’t have to go to the Bank just because they want to deposit, send, withdrawal or transfer money anymore.

Bank has gone digital completely because the world has gone cashless due to covid-19 pandemic crisis that the world is facing right now.

World Health Organization said corona virus can live on “Banknote” paper money.  So for security reasons and safety people are now moving to Digital Era to enable them send and receive money to and from one another without involving cash or paper money.

Covid-19 pandemic has caused many countries including Nigeria to go into recession.

The solution to this crisis which will enable everyone to survive during recession and the upcoming inflation is a digital mobile phone money called The Billion Coin.


Government can not provide food or money to the masses for everyone to peacefully stay at home and survive each passing day because of corruption.

Nobody can hack or steal The Billion Coin from your mobile phone because it is not a physical paper money like Naira that someone can touch, tear or steal from you.

Even if thief stole your mobile phone from you they can not steal the money on your mobile phone because it is only you that have the password to access your money.

The Billion Coin does not devalue like the way Naira falls frequently and you can use The Billion Coin anywhere in the world to buy anything you want without exchanging it to any other form of money before usage.

Right now The Billion Coin is still on the wealth distribution phase. They are distributing money to one Billion smart phone users around the world to secure themselves against recession and inflation.

* When covid-19 pandemic is over, a lot of people will be Jobless.

* Goods/services will be on the high price.

* Things you could manage to buy will be much more expensive because of recession and inflation

* The rate of poor people will increase, crime and corruption will be greater than ever.

The economic will totally meltdown because many big and small businesses have shutdown and debt has been accumulated by many companies and individuals already which would likely make everyone to start all over again from the ground.

If you don’t have The Billion Coin hurry up right now to the nearest Kringle Cash Center to register your smart phone with just $28 dollars and your mobile phone will be credited with the give away mobile phone money worth over Ten Million $10,000,000 Dollars before your children ask where were you when they are distributing money to people.

TBC Mobile Phone Money Is Accepted For Goods/Services By Millions Of People Around The World #Watch_Video_Below

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