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The Requirements Needed To Become Wow De Ark Member.

✓ Do Short Video
✓ Say Your Name (Full Name)
✓ Say Your Location (State And Nationality Is Required)
✓ Say Your Occupation (If you do not have occupation say the “SKILL” you wish and want to learn)
✓ Say You Agree To Accept 100 Percent Kringle Cash For Your Services/Goods From Wow De Ark Members

Send your video to Wow De Ark email ( or whatsapp (+234) 09012254238 for verification and after the approval of your video which stands as your KYC (Know Your Customer) Wow De Ark will issue you an ID Card as a proof of a membership identification.

Some tbcians are curious to know how to become Wow De Ark member. Well, it is free to become a member of Wow De Ark but you must be an entrepreneur. It means you must have something such as goods or service that you can exchange for kringles from our members only then we can accept kringles from you anytime you want services/goods. That’s absolutely stress-free, unique and beautiful isn’t it ! …..Let the real TBC Billionaires gives example to both the new and old tbcians that are ignorant of TBC how to use TBCoin the right way.

The bible says.. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

This is the simplest way ever in the whole TBC Community to unlock all of your TBCoins and save tbcians from jumping from one fake TBC exchanger to another trying to exchange your TBCoins for other currency before usage while we all know that The Billion Coin was not created to be exchange for other form of money before usage.

In the whole TBC Community we have over the numbers of merchant needed to start TBC Economy but ignorant has occupied the heart of many to forget the true definition of an Abundance.

We do not need thousands or hundreds merchants to start TBC Economy. All we need is the commitment of few merchants coming together in agreement to accept TBCoins for their services/goods will definitely lead the TBC Community to full grown TBC Economy. Rome was not built in a day, so as we go on with the acceptance of 100 percent kringle cash from the few committed merchants more people will join the project because automatically we are creating the awareness of cryptocurrency (Kringle Cash) around the globe.

The goal is to use our supper power to transform the way our current financial system operats, by shifting financial power back into the hands of the people.

We founds out that everyone supposed to live in abundance but the only reason why some are still living insufficiently it’s because of their mindset towards how money works. It’s impossible to have TBCoins and you still broke when there are fellow tbcians that are merchant like you.

Skilled people are supposed to be very financially balance because they have skilled to exchange for money day in day out but, in today’s worlds some skilled people are suffering because the money they receives in exchange for their services is far below little to sort their everyday needs. Some don’t even get paid at all after a very hard working day they get promises like “I will pay you tomorrow” and that tomorrow never ends.

For Example: A brick layer can lay bricks for people to build house and get paid 3,000 naira for his/her daily service. The question now is what can that brick layer do with 3,000 naira in this country that nothing is being sold for 5 naira anymore?

Can he/she saves 3,000 naira to build his/her own house or buy a car while also paying other bills such as: Food, Medication, Education, House rent, Electricity, Transportation, Phone & Cable Recharge E.t.c

The contract does not even come every day so he/she can not be receiving 3,000 naira everyday, so before another contract will come they might have spent the previous money they could have saved for something important. Same goes to many other skilled people such as Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Teacher, Nanny, Roofer, Glazier, Builder, Painter, Welder, Driver, Tailor, Mechanic E.t.c.

By the grace of God we are alive to see blockchain technology and also acknowledge the value of cryptocurrency. Many of us are tbcians and as a tbcian you have TBCoin which automatically equalized you to a Billionaire. Is it not much far better to accept TBCoins from tbcians in exchange for your services knowing very well that they will also accept TBCoins from you, whenever you need their services in exchange for your TBCoins than still continue to work for non tbcian that you can never hire to work for u because your skill can not fetched you the amount of Fiat Currency (Paper Money) needed to pay for their services.

A word is enough for the wise, and for this simple fact stated if you are a true tbcian and you know what you have in your wallet is WEALTH and you wish to live in accordance with the TBCoins in your wallet you better join Wow DE ARK to start accepting Kringles for your service or goods to enable you also use your TBCoins to purchase goods and services from fellow Wow De Ark members to avoid being broke and useless in the TBC Community. You don’t expect to purchase goods and services from Tbcians with your TBCoins and you don’t accept it for your service/goods that’s completely insane.

We don’t take money from people to become Wow De Ark member because we are on a mission to alleviate poverty globally. We want tbcians to start living a Billionaire lifestyle this year 2020.

Unskilled people can also benefit from Wow De Ark because we provide skill Acquisition and Empowerment.

This means that if you are interested to become Wow De Ark member and you do not have a skill or something that you can trade with fellow Wow De Ark members in exchange for 100 percent Kringles, you will have to undergo Skill Acquisition and the “Fee” is (100 percent Kringle Cash) when you become independent you will start accepting (100% percent Kringles) from fellow Wow De Ark members for your services. That’s simply “Duplication” of merchant.

In other words Unskilled people can apply for whatever skill of their choice and pay the apprenticeship fee with 100 percent kringle cash.

Independent skilled person after undergoing skill acquisition provided by Wow De Ark can also rent a shop or an office space and buy the equipments needed to start business with 100 percent Kringle Cash from Wow De Ark Ventures.

Important Notice !!
Let use this opportunity to tell you all that Wow De Ark Plaza project is about to kick start.

We need everyone to key in now to join us build Wow De Ark Plaza. Every merchant that accepted 100 percent kringle cash for their services through the cost of building Wow De Ark Plaza will officially rent an office space for 100 percent Kringle Cash in the plaza.

We want to reinvent the financial system by transforming poor people into Billionaire in 5 minute. The different between the Rich and the Poor is their mindset. Change your mind and join us for free today and become a Billionaire in 5 minute.

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Olurotimi Olatunj James

This is quite revolutionary, I’m highly impressed with this giant strides in making TBC a globally acceptable coin by all TBCians.
I’m glad to be part of this paradigm shift in the redistribution of wealth.


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