Kringle Trade

Wow De Ark Ventures Kringles Trade

Buying and selling of TBC make easy for both New/Old TBCians and members or non members including partners or non partners of Wo
w De Ark Ventures.

Buy whatever amount of kringles from Wow De Ark Ventures on the current price according to

The current price of Kringle is always there and boldly visible @ “wallet” for Kringle users to know the worth of each kringle in nation’s currency such as Dollar or Euro Etc…

We send the exact amount of kringles bought into buyers wallet @ Hold and when the price goes high sell to Wow De Ark Ventures on the current price shown @

Cash back available anytime of the day 24/7 and it’s a thing of choice to make cool cash for trading Kringles.


World Of Wealth
Safe Place For People

For example you bought 1 kringle at {$10} dollar on the current price for per kringle and hold, then sell when the current price goes up to {$10.50} dollar, fortunately you made a profit of {$0.50} cent.

Now think…. what if you bought 500 kringles on the current price at {$10} dollars per kringle and then sell out at {$10.50} dollars per kringle you would be making profit of {$0.50} per kringle times {×} 500 = $250} Dollars.

Kringles bought from Wow De Ark Ventures are exchangeable either for other crypto currency, CASH or for goods and services.

The Billion Coin is a true definition of a stable coin. It is unlike other crypto currency or fiat currency. It gives courage and peace at heart to people to save paper money against inflation.

Inflation is a general increase in prices for goods and services and decrease in the purchasing power of a nation’s currency.

Kringles bought from somewhere else or gotten from rewards are not accepted for exchange to cash or other crypto currency but accepted for goods and services when become a verified member of Wow De Ark Ventures.

Only Wow De Ark Ventures verified members/partners (merchants) allowed to exchange Internal/External Kringles for goods and services included Kringles gotten from rewards or what so ever way they got it from is non of our business.

The Billion Coin is a digital money millions of people love to use around the globe. It is the first abundance based non government driven decentralized digital currency in the world.

It is absolutely possible to Exchange cash “paper money” or other crypto currency to get Kringles and save it @ wallet against inflation.

Whenever cash is needed then exchange the Kringles to paper money or buy goods directly with the kringles or use the Kringles to pay for services instead of exchanging the Kringles to cash.

We don’t know or hold your password, username, and security questions attached to your wallet @ so write it down and keep in a confidential place.
For security reasons and to avoid manipulation and also to give 100% transparency to our traders that’s why we decided to use the main TBC Blockchain which is as our trading platform. We see no reason to build another platform when is perfectly built.

TBC Blockchain Keeps Transaction Details
Such As:
*Transaction Successful/Unsuccessful
*Send And Received
*Wallet Address
*Current Price
Transaction Detail Can Not Be Delete !
Current Price Can Not  Be Manipulate !

Make sure to check the current price of Kringle @ before altering any transaction either buying or selling.

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