Electrician Accepting 100% TBC/Kringles For Electrical Service

We basically deals on full/half conduit wiring, surface/external wiring, fittings, installation, household services and electrical maintenance.

Electrician Accepting 100% TBC/Kringles For Electrical Service

We also accept 100% kringles for electrical engineering program.

It is a pity that there is huge parading of unemployment in many parts of the world especially in Nigeria.

Skill is very important in the life of every human being. Today, there are many unemployed graduates in the country. Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it. The need to acquire and develop specific entrepreneurial skills can not be neglected because entrepreneurship is vital to creating employment.

We want to empower people with the needed knowledge and understanding on how to do business in a tough economy.

The importance of skill development  in our society today can not be over emphasized because gone are the days when jobs were available everywhere both in the private and public sectors of the economy and employers go about looking for potential graduates for employment.

The need to acquire and develop specific entrepreneurial skills if you don’t have any services to render to the TBC Community can not be neglected because entrepreneurship is vital to creating employment.

A skill acquired man is a self-employed man. A self-employed person can never go hungry because the skill he acquired provides food for him/her on a daily basis. But one who lacks skill acquisition will find it difficult to be self-employed because he/she has nothing to offer and Wow De Ark will not accept such person as a member.

Helps youth develop a positive attitude towards work and labour, it reduces poverty. Helps youth to be self-reliant and independent.

Have you ever seen someone who acquires many skills alone? Such person is classified as someone who is up and doing. Those who have many skills stand the chance of gaining more jobs from many establishments. People who have many skills are being searched for by many companies. Company A,B & C stand in a queue fighting over one person. They are searched for because they can do many functions due to the series of skills possessed.

Wow De Ark is creating employment generation. There will be a lot of jobs generated for the citizens of every country if the citizens are well equipped with skills. This is why it is necessary for  Wow De Ark to organize skill acquisition programme for the youth as this will go a long way in providing jobs for others, someone who is well equipped on fashion and designing skill can train his fellow citizens. When these citizens mature in such field, they start earning from the skill they acquired. This is how the newly trained in that field will train other persons and employment generation keeps on growing in such circle.

Skills acquisition reduces the crime rate in our society. People begin to think on many dirty activities they will do to make money when they do not have anything to call job of their own. But with acquired skill by an individual he/she works and makes money from his/her acquired skill. This will make him/her to feel comfortable in life. Also the skills acquired by the citizens who were indulging in crime before can be used to convert those who are still partakers in such bad practice. They can go after their old bad friends and teach them the new skills they acquired thereby converting them to good.

Advice to Unskilled people to go for skills acquisition because skills acquired can make ways where it seems there is no way. 

Wow De Ark provides accommodation for far away people who have interest to undergo Skill Acquisition.

Skills development can reduce unemployment, raise incomes, and improve standards of living. Helping young people develop skills makes economic sense.

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