World of wealth (WOW) De ARK Ventures is undisputed direct terminal for cryptocurrency users and institutions​ that accept kringle cash for goods and services globally.

WOW DE ARK VENTURES is registered with Identification number “2809773” in February 27th 2019 under Corporate Affairs Commission Edo State Federal Republic of Nigeria.


The Billion Coin {TBC} – Bitcoin {BTC} – Ethereum {ETH} – Litcoin {LTC} – Bitcoin Cash {BCH} and Ripple {XRP} E.t.c.


We offer recruitement services, and our managers have over twenty years of experience in the placement of full time, temporary, permanent and seasonal staff across many sectors including the Food Processing Industry, the Construction Industry, Manufacturing & Warehouse, Cleaning Recruitment and Call Centre.

With a proven track record we have achieved an extensive base of prominent partners. A strong working relationship with our partners has also assured total adherence, satisfaction and professional working relationships. Our professionalism and excellence also ensures our partners stay with us for the long term. We take pride in the relationships we build with our partners and candidates/members respectively.

We have also achieved an extensive database of skilled candidates ready to be matched against our members needs.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise mean that we can offer a range of services tailored to the individual needs of your business. Whether looking for full time, temporary, permanent or seasonal placements our experienced and dedicated team can provide a service tailored to the individual needs of your business.

We will take responsibility for each step in the recruitment process from the sourcing, selection and recruitment of staff through the interview process, reference checking and the induction of staff.

The high standards we have set ourselves in order for our business to operate successfully has provided us with an insight and understanding of our members needs and aspirations. We are passionate about our professionalism and excellence. We build long term relationships with our members. Whatever the needs of your business our dedicated and experienced team will meet them.

We look forward to servicing all of your recruitment needs.


Our aim is to provide more job opportunities for unemployed people.

People want to feel respect and trust, while working in a safe environment, with good pay and opportunities to advance. When a company develops ways to deliver on these important factors, it can satisfy employees and help build a stronger, more stable and profitable future.

Job is an important factor and without work life is impossible. With job we can do everything, either fulfill our desires or family needs but the important one is we eventually attain confidence, self-respect & social status which makes us feel the part of society.

Jobs help the economy by increasing productivity. Businesses with more workers can produce and sell more goods and services, increasing revenue which can fuel additional growth and jobs. … Better, more efficient service could result from having a smaller group of claimants. More jobs create a virtuous cycle of growth and a stronger economy.

The stability of the economy rests on the ability to maintain a low unemployment rate and provide a safe, secure workplace. … When a solid relationship exists between the individual and her working environment, society benefits overall as well.


The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills. As water is very essential to human life, so is skill training and acquisition needed in the life of every serious minded human being. Skills can do a lot of great work in the life of every living soul. Lack of entrepreneurial skills is one of major causes of corruption.

Entrepreneurship education has been clearly observed here as a vehicle to ride off the endemic problem of poverty, hunger and youth empowerment. When the youths are provided with the right training in practice, they explore opportunities in their immediate environment instead of chasing shadows in the cities. The development of Entrepreneurship education will go a long way in creating employment, give young people the opportunity to develop their enterprising skills, empowering the young to be job creators and not job seekers through the provision of necessary skills and knowledge to raise their output, income and wealth.


Wow De Ark is committed to supporting noble causes which have positive impact on the lives of people out there. We are passionate about bringing artists and art enthusiasts together, we strive for the art world to become more accessible, original art should be for everyone!

This is a demonstration of our commitment to creativity, innovation and promotion of imaginative prowess particularly among the youths and this signals our commitment to worthy causes designed to impact positively on the environment. We feel it is important to support and sponsor a wide number of causes and events which aim to inspire people on the streets as well as efforts which are of great importance to the communities in which we work and depend on for support.

We don’t know a bigger problem in the world than poverty. It leads to hunger, illness, lack of education,
frustration, fraud, theft, greed, violence, and prostitution. Poverty increases crime rate, crisis and war, just to mention few, but we are here to alleviate poverty starting by sharing the free gift away Kringle Cash to the poor people and also educate them about cryptocurrency the future of money.


Our mission is to distribute wealth to the poor people by using TBC as a tool to accomplish our goals.


Our aim is to create the awareness and acceptance of cryptocurrency “Kringle Cash” for goods and services in every geographical part of the world.


Our vision is for people to rise above artificial scarcity, discrimination, humiliation, corruption, crime, crisis and war.