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We are formidable group of people that come together in agreement to accept cryptocurrency "Kringle Cash" as a direct means of exchange for goods and services globally. We provide Skills Acquisition & Empowerment - Artistes Sponsorship - Recruitment Services and Jobs Opportunity. Not just that, we buy and sell cryptocurrency, The Billion Coin (TBC) as a tool to alleviate poverty




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What Do You Stand To Gain By Being One Of Us?

The Benefit of Partnership

All World of wealth the Ark members...

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Skills Acquisition Empowerment

As a member, you have access to learn...

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Music and Movie Sponsorship

World of wealth the Ark gives sponsorship to our...

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Jobs Opportunity

As a member, you have...

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As a member, you have access to employees...

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Don't Feed the Vultures

World of wealth the Ark will not in any way create useless millionaires...

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Farmers Needed

A day shall come when calamity will fall upon the world and only people with food may survived. What if there is no agriculture, people will die due to starvation because there will be no food and it may end up very bad. It is impossible to imagine a world without agriculture. Agriculture is an important source of livelihood in most parts of

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House/Office Painter Accepting 100%TBC

Wow De Ark Ventures is undisputed direct terminal for crypto currency users and institutions that accept crypto currency for goods and services globally. Whatever services you do for a living kindly join us let’s build TBC Economy together by accepting TBCoins for goods and services globally. WOW DE ARK World_Of _Wealth De_Ark Safe_Place_For_People To Become

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Build Your House With 100%TBCoin

Mason And Bricklayers Accepting 100%TBCoin/Kringle(s) for their services. People are often motivated by money. The salary a worker is paid by his employer can have a great influence on his performance in the administration. A worker doesn’t simply view his salary as a dollar amount, he sees it as the value his employer places on

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Do You Have The Billion Coin ?

Fiat Currency "paper money" is gradually fading away and Crypto Currency (mobile phone money) will replace paper money anytime soon. Just as metal coin replaced cowrie and paper money replaced metal coin. Be at the known, the world has gone cashless and Bank has gone digital. Not only due to the fact that corona virus can live on Banknote but a global change just happened. Its absolutely true that if we can receive and send money to someone through our mobile phone, there shouldn't be need for going to the Bank, POS terminal or ATM machine because we can simply just pick up our mobile phone and scan to pay bills or transfer money to someone near or far away instead of carrying paper money on us everywhere we go. It is risk to move around with huge/little amount of paper money because it attract thieves. Paper money can be stolen because it can be hold or touch unlike mobile phone money that can not be hold or touch because it's a virtual currency. Paper money can be counterfeited and while in terms of counting paper money is time wasted unlike mobile phone money you don't have to count whether it is correct or not the digit tells the correct amount. The Billion Coin "TBC" is the first abundance based currency and it is the most valuable non government driven decentralized digital or mobile phone money in the world. TBC was created on 21st March 2016. Since the creation of TBC it has been transforming the lives of smart phone users and many other people that uses laptop or other browsing devices into Millionaires and Billionaires. Kringles are the smallest unit of TBC simply like Kobo to Naira, Pesewas to Ghana, Cent to Dollar or Satoshi to Bitcoin. TBC was created to put an end to artificial scarcity and gives back power to humanity. Anyone that accept TBC has chosen​ to live a regular sufficient life full of abundance. Even people without a smart phone can register with any browsing device and become TBC users. It is also possible to register a year old baby to secure this massive give away Kringle Cash mobile phone money for his/her future. Sure when grown up that child will not depend on anyone for anything. We're​ using this opportunity to reach everyone out there to try their possible best not to miss this opportunity for the sake of the future. Your children will ask you where were you, if you missed this give away. At this very moment TBC is still in the wealth distribution phase. They are giving away over Ten Million $10,000,000 Dollars. You have the opportunity to become Millionaire/Billionaire simply by registering your smart phone at any Kringle Cash Center close to you. Registeration fee cost ($28) Dollars. Don't be left behind because TBC wealth distribution phase will soon end. Click "Register My Smart Phone/Laptop Now" below. Fill the form and submit it then activate your Kringle Cash Account. But if you cannot activate your account by yourself visit Wow De Ark Ventures nearest office close to your location for registeration/activation and proper guideline. Once you might have registered your smart phone over Ten Million $10,000,000 Dollars worth of Kringle Cash mobile phone money will be credited into your mobile phone wallet. Note: Do not forget to Apply for Kringle Cash Distributor so to enable you operate in your area as a Kringle Cash Center while you get paid every month. This should be the easiest Job ever on Earth. Wealth Distributor ! WowooOo...... Of course everyone needs money. Go and tell your families and friends about this amazing opportunity ... It is free to become Kringle Cash Distributor ! so, apply for it... You will be compensated with ($125) dollars paid directly Into your Bank Account when 10 persons register their smart phone through your Kringle Cash Center every month. Start distributing this wealth to everyone you know including those that are in need of work from home Job. Anyone can apply for Kringle Cash Distributor and get paid every month. We created employment for the masses to get paid in the process of distributing Kringle Cash mobile phone money to make sure everyone benefited from the wealth distribution phase. Scroll down to see pages and click "Video Gallery" watch videos from millions of people around the world using their kringle cash to buy goods/services.